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Free playgrounds in Singapore - Causeway Point

Free playgrounds in Singapore

Playgrounds are a fail-proof way for kids to unleash all their energy, and a guaranteed spot to lift any kidult’s spirits. In fact, while many of us think public playgrounds are catered to children, there are many with equally thrilling slides and rope courses that kiddos and adults alike will get a good kick out of. 

From family-friendly playgrounds ideal for your crawling tot, to others with 4-storey climbing structures and 34m slides, here are 20 best free playgrounds in Singapore to let your inner child – or your actual child – run wild. 

1. Causeway Point – IG-worthy dinosaur sculptures & play areas

Free playgrounds in Singapore - Causeway Point
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Dino-lovers will enjoy this Causeway Point water playground with dinosaur-themed elements. 

There are a couple of unique playground equipment to try out, such as an “erupting” water volcano fitted with 1 wet and 1 dry slide on each end. There’s also a rib-cage-shaped swing structure for kiddos to rest on. 

For cute pics, pose next to the colourful dinosaur sculptures built around the playground.

Address: 1 Woodlands Square, Level 7, Singapore 738099
Opening hours: 10am-9pm, Daily
Contact: Causeway Point website

2. Bukit Gombak Park – Rock climbing wall & butterfly garden

Free playgrounds in Singapore - Bukit Gombak Park

The set-up of the Bukit Gombak Park is pretty straightforward to get around, with fun little elements to try out. This includes stepping stones to test your balance on, and a rock climbing wall that kids can crawl up. 

At the top of the slope, you’ll be able to slide back down to the ground floor, but be sure to check out the butterfly garden first before you head down. 

Bukit Gombak Park

The sensory garden has gorgeous colourful flowers and different insects and critters that you can get up close and personal with. 

Address: Along Bukit Batok West Avenue 5, opposite Bukit Batok Driving Centre

3. Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden – Adventure trails, farm & orchard

Free playgrounds in Singapore - Jacob Ballas
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The Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden playground is the perfect place for a little nature excursion with the kids. Catered to those aged 14 and below, it has multiple zones for children to explore and get in touch with nature. 

Jacob Ballas
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For instance, play areas include a flying fox, treehouse structures, and suspension bridges, all set amidst the surrounding greenery for kids to enjoy. There are also farms, gardens, and pond areas for young’uns to learn about nature up close.

Address: 481, Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259769
Opening hours: Tues-Sun 8am-7pm (Closed on Mondays)

4. Admiralty Park – Longest outdoor public park slide

Free playgrounds in Singapore - Admiralty Park

You’ve probably seen this roller slide online before, and for good reason. After all, the 34m slide at Admiralty Park is the longest public park slide in Singapore. 

Beyond its famous roller slide, the entire playground is also pretty much slides galore, with 26 slides in total. These include an array of regular, roller, and tubed variations for slide-lovers to go nuts in. Of course, it also has regular net courses and climbing areas for a good workout. 

Address: 31 Riverside Road, Singapore 739087

5. Play @ Heights Park – Ziplines, trampoline & water play

Free playgrounds in Singapore - Play @ Heights Toa Payoh

The Play @ Heights Park is a hidden gem in Toa Payoh, with a ton of wet and dry zones to explore. These include dry sandpit areas to a “splash zone” with water jets and wading pools.  

Toa Payoh

We’re certain that not only kids, but also adults, will enjoy riding on the zipline and going crazy on the built-in trampolines. 

Toa Payoh

To top it all off, there’s even an exercise area for our fellow fitspo friends or parents to enjoy while the rest have fun splashing around the play areas. 

Address: 144 Toa Payoh Lorong 2, Singapore 310144

6. Queenstown Blk 80 – Alice in Wonderland-themed playground

Free playgrounds in Singapore - Alice in Wonderland playground
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Play Point

Alice In Wonderland is a cult-classic tale with some of the coolest visuals to this day – and fans of the story can now step into a mini “wonderland” at this quirky, photo-worthy Queenstown playground. 

The Alice In Wonderland-themed playground contains many references to the famous story, like 1 big and 1 tiny door at its entrance with a “drink me” shrinking potion, and figurines of characters like the Tweedle boys.

Address: 80 Strathmore Avenue, Singapore 141080

7. Oasis Water Park – 5,600sqm of water play

Free playgrounds in Singapore - Oasis Water Park
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If you’re looking for a huge water playground, the Oasis Water Park is an aptly named playground in Yishun with a large water play area for kids and adults alike to splash around in. It includes features like water buckets, mist, sprays, and even a shallow pool. 

Those who prefer to remain dry can chill around on the surrounding benches, or head over to a dry play zone with giant paintings of old-school games like hopscotch on the ground. 

Address: 307 Yishun Central, Singapore 760307
Opening hours: 9am-7.30pm, Daily

8. Jelutung Harbour Park – Wheelchair accessible merry-go-round

Free playgrounds in Singapore - Jelutung Harbour Park
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The Jelutong Harbour Park is another neighbourhood playground with water facilities like cannons and sprays to enjoy a refreshing splash under. It’s ship-themed, so you’ll spot structures like fishes, wind sails and ship wheels scattered around. 

There’s also a dry play area with the usual playground essentials, from slides to climbing nets. A notable feature is its inclusive merry-go-round structure that’s built into the ground, making it accessible by wheelchair. 

Address: Near Blk 488/489 Admiralty Link, Singapore 750488
Opening hours: 9am-9pm, Daily

9. Toa Payoh Crest – Swampland-themed play area

Free playgrounds in Singapore - Toa Payoh Crest
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Unlike the usual colourful playgrounds we’re familiar with, the Toa Payoh Crest playground has a unique structure. It looks like a swampland. 

Young’uns with a knack for climbing will probably get the most fun out of this playground. The concept for this is a pretty cool one – visitors can trod their way up by climbing up the undulating slopes with the help of built-in ropes, before finishing with a rewarding slide back down.

Address: Block 131 Toa Payoh Lorong 1

10. Sembawang Park – Shipwreck-themed playground

Free playgrounds in Singapore - Sembawang Park

Those looking for IG-worthy themed playgrounds should check out Sembawang Park. The play area is interestingly shaped to resemble that of a ship-wreck, with some parts of the structure sunken into the ground, and others at a slightly tilted angle. 

The playground is equipped with climbing ropes, bridges, and walls to get around, plus a metal tube slide. 

Address: 1200 Sembawang Road, Singapore 758526

11. Circle Green Park – 3 playgrounds & climbing dome

Free playgrounds in Singapore - Circle Green Park

If you’re up for a climb, the 3-storey climbing dome at Circle Green Park will be enough of a reason to pay it a visit. The netted structure has a ton of connected ropes for you to spider-man your way up, before ending off with a slide down from the top. 

Younger kids and those who aren’t big fans of height elements can stick to the pirate ship section of the playground, which has easier nets to navigate and a smaller slide. 

Address: Woodlands Circle, Singapore 730736

12. Canberra Park – Abundant swings & net play structures

Free playgrounds in Singapore - Canberra Park

Swings are a playground fave for many of us. They’re just the right balance of fun and thrilling and don’t require much physical exertion for those of us who just want a chill time. If swing sets are your go-to playground ride, you’ll enjoy spending time at Canberra Park

With a larger-than-usual selection of swing types, you’ll no longer have to wait in line to chope the 2-3 swing sets that playgrounds typically have. 

Canberra Park

Work up more of a sweat by climbing this relatively complicated net structure that features intertwined ropes and ladders. 

Address: Sembawang Crescent, Singapore 750325

13. Coastal Playgrove – 4-storey climbing tower & giant slides

Free playgrounds in Singapore - Coastal Playgrove

This one’s perfect for height-lovers. The Coastal Playgrove houses an impressive 4-storey climbing tower with a 11.9m slide down. Its vertical climbing area poses a challenging feat, even for older kids and adults. 

Coastal Playgrove

Once you’ve hauled yourself to the top, you’ll enjoy a thrilling 11.9m slide down from the 4th storey. If 11m is a little too daunting, take the alternative slide from the 3rd storey instead – just 7.3m down.

Those who are afraid of heights will still get to try these slides, as the playground has staircase access to each level of the climbing tower, so you can get to the top without climbing. Tots will also get their share of fun at child-friendly areas including mini climbing nets, sandpits, and a wading pool.

Address: 902 East Coast Park Service Road, Singapore 449874
Opening hours:
Vertical Challenge (net climbing area):
Tue-Sun 8am-10pm (Closed on Mondays)
Slides: 8am-10pm, Daily

14. COMO Adventure Grove – Nature-themed obstacle courses

Free playgrounds in Singapore - COMO Adventure Grove
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Decked out in wooden branch-like structures and a sandy floor, COMO Adventure Grove is the perfect setting for a slightly more rugged playtime in the heart of nature. 

The ropey play structures here will let kids live out their Tarzan dreams as they manoeuvre their way from “branch” to “branch”. Its highlight is a 5.8m-tall Weeping Fig tree structure, with extending branches fitted with ropes and swings. The main tree structure itself is a vertical climbing rope course, with a 4m metal slide at the very top. 

COMO Adventure Grove
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P.S. There’s also a huge durian structure for durian lovers to strike a pose.

Address: 5 Gallop Road, Singapore 258960
Opening hours: 7am-7pm, Daily
Contact: COMO Adventure Grove website

15. Bukit Batok Neighbourhood Park – 3-storey tube slide

Free playgrounds in Singapore - Bukit Batok Neighbourhood Park
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The highlight of Bukit Batok Neighbourhood Park is its 3-storey climbing structure and slide. While you’ll need to climb all the way up to ride the slide down, those who aren’t keen on heights can still enjoy navigating a rope obstacle course at its base. 

Address: Between Bukit Batok Central Road and Bukit Batok Street 21

16. Clusia Clove – Auto-disinfecting water play area & tidal pool 

Free playgrounds in Singapore - Clusia Clove

Clusia Clove is the place to bring young’uns for some messy water play, with the assurance of cleanliness thanks to its auto-disinfection system. This is because the water, which comes from both Jurong Lake and general rain water, goes through a natural cleansing filter to rid it of dirt particles. 

The playground’s water areas include an eco pond and even a ripple tide pool. For a full beachy experience, there’s also a sand pit to explore. 

Clusia Clove

Beyond the wet area, there’s also a dry Forest Ramble playground with 13 zones named after swamp animals. There, you can find a zipline, long tube slides, and trampolines. 

Address: 102 Yuan Ching Road, Jurong Lake Gardens, Singapore 618663
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am-10pm | Sat-Sun 7am-10pm
Contact: 6969 1598

17. Jubilee Park – Child-friendly obstacle courses & swings

Free playgrounds in Singapore - Jubilee Park
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Another sandy playground paradise in the middle of lush greenery, the Jubilee Park Playground has obstacle courses that both older and younger kids can enjoy.

Little ones can climb and crawl around low-lying parts of the wooden obstacle course, where there are long flat-laying logs to manoeuvre. Meanwhile, older children can explore the more challenging bits where a little more climbing is required. 

Beyond an obstacle course, there are also inclusive swings with protective features for smaller-sized tots, as well as regular swings for the rest to enjoy. 

Address: River Valley Road, Clemenceau Avenue
Contact: Fort Canning Park website

18. Children’s Garden at GBTB – Toddler area & water play

Free playgrounds in Singapore - GBTB
Image credit: @marie_with_babiesg

If you find yourself at Gardens By The Bay with the fam, be sure to check out their Children’s Playground. One of its most popular zones is its wet play area, which has sprinklers, water buckets, and a ton of free space for kids to zoom around. 

Image credit:

There are also other dry zones, including a 130m treehouse trail with obstacles like ladders and ropes for older children to explore.

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953
Opening hours: Thu-Sun & PH 9am-7pm, water play area closes 6.30pm. (Closed from Mondays to Wednesdays)
Contact: Far East Organisation Children’s Garden website

19. Great World Playland – Hot air balloon & pirate ship structures

Free playgrounds in Singapore - Great World Playland
Image credit:
Play Point

If you haven’t been able to travel with your kiddos, perhaps this travel-themed playground will suffice for now. A good place for kids to learn about different transportation modes, from hot air balloons to pirate ships, the Great World Playland has themed play structures suitable for kids of all ages. 

Older ones would enjoy making their way up a jungle-gym-like rope course at the hot air balloon play structure, while little ones can enjoy playing in less challenging areas including a mini pirate ship and train structure. 

Address: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Level 2, Singapore 237994
Opening hours: 10am-10pm, Daily 

20. Tiong Bahru Park – Tilted train-themed playground

Free playgrounds in Singapore - Tiong Bahru Park

At first glance, this aesthetic tilted train-themed playground looks like a relatively easy one to navigate. But while it may appear like an unassuming IG photo spot, it actually has some pretty challenging zones. It has several features like tube slides and climbing walls, and even a flying fox set at the front of the playground. 

Tiong Bahru Park
The interior of the train cabins will make for a pretty fun challenge to crawl through, due to its twisted angle and build. 

Address: 1 Henderson Road, Singapore 159561

Playgrounds for all ages in Singapore

From playgrounds with challenging jungle gym-like structures, to water play areas that’ll keep little ones entertained for hours, there are plenty of public playgrounds in Singapore that are perfect for the young and old.

You can check out this Google My Maps link to see which playgrounds are nearest to you. The next time you’re feeling like having a family outing, you know where to head to. 

Check out more playgrounds in Singapore: 

Cover image adapted from: @causewaypointsg

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